TinyPi Pro Build Guide

So you have your TinyPi Kit, but what next?

This guide will help you turn that box of parts into a Tiny gaming device 🙂 The guide is still being tweaked, so please check back for the new goodies

Here is a video guide for you all

This is how to build a TinyPi Pro

Step By Step – Things To Know

* You build the Console from Front to back (Faced Down)

* Make sure the face buttons are seated in the holes.

* The TinyPi Pro Screen And PCB goes in next.

* Secure it in the corners with 4 screws and the hex spacer bolts.

* The shoulder buttons and power buttons are next, they slid over the hex bolts.

* Make Sure the Plastic Tabs For the Buttons Face Downwards (the Buttons are also clearly named.

* The Speaker Fits into the front of the bumper so that the Metal Prongs Make contact with the TinyPi Pro PCB when you face it down.

* The Bumper slides over the Hex Bolts, Everything should Line up.

* Place All 30 of the Gold Pogo Pins springy end Facing downwards into the bumper. (The Flatter Squarer Ridged End will be the end you can still see)

* Now Connect the Battery to the JST connector (it can only fit one way) Using the Tweezers here makes it much easier.

* Place the battery in and make sure it’s flush.

* Now Its time for the Raspberry Pi Zero/Pi Zero W.

* Line up the GPIO on the Raspberry Pi with the Pogo pins. The flat side of the Pi Faces Downwards. (The SD Cars Slot And all the USB ports and HDMI ports will be facing up towards you.

* Make sure all the pogo pins are seated nicely in the GPIO holes. (They will appear flush when you apply a little pressure)

* Place the Back Of The case on and add the last Four Screws.

* Insert your SD Card (you should have this loaded with the Custom TinyPi Pro Image Already)

* Short Press the Power button to test (the LED should Flash)

* If you have followed all these steps. And The LED Test was successful, Press the power button until the LED stops flashing and is on.

* Wait for the system to boot (the first time will take a little longer, please be patient while it sets up)

* Once Retropie Has Loaded, you will be able to add your games via your chosen method.

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