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How-to guides for some of the things i have picked up

Tiny Software for TinyPi

So your TinyPi is all built, but your going to need something on that SD Card for it to really shine!! I have made a basic RetroPie image for speedy deployment. It can be found here and is basically a simple RetroPie image modified to use the screen and the buttons. There is a TinyPi […]

Powering your TinyPi

*** this guide will be improved very soon with pictures *** So you have your TinyPi all built up. But how do you power it? Well the easy answer is to use a USB Power bank. Simply pop the USB into the pi, and you will see the screen spring into life. There are of […]

TinyPi Build Guide

So you have your new TinyPi kit, but what happens next??! Well first off, there is some slightly advanced soldering required for this kit, so you need to be sure you are well practised in soldering. Also make sure you have plenty of solder, a nice clean iron tip, and some flux.

ili9341 Raspberry pi Guide

Hi Folks, I know SPI screens get a bad write up, they are not as fast, they suffer with ‘tearing’ and they use up your gpio pins, but they have lots of benefits too!