This is where it all began

So if you have seen any of my projects, you will know that I have a bit of an obsession with making things as small as possible. Couple that with a love of the Raspberry Pi and TinyPi was born!!


What started off as a bit of a laugh, soon became quite a capable little device. Here are some of TinyPi’s features:

  • 1.44″ 128×128 TFT screen
  • 5-way navigation ‘joystick’
  • 2 silicone topped ‘action’ buttons
  • Stereo sound (all be it very quiet!!)
  • 3-way switch for additional buttons
  • crazy small!!

You can read more about TinyPi over on hackaday.io

here is TinyPi running pico-8

and TinyPi running retropie

* A Word Of Warning! *

Because TinyPi is so small, some sacrifices had to be made. Firstly, while there is sound, it is small and a bit scratchy. There is also no space for advanced power functions. There is no low power warnings, and no safe shutdown function. While this is no major issue, it is worth knowing everything before you part with your hard earned cash.

So now I have got that out of the way, let’s see what you get in the kit

The TinyPi Kit

the kit contains everything here APART FROM THE PI however all you need to add is a Raspberry Pi Zero (with or without the wireless) and you have a working gaming device (assuming assembly goes to plan!!)

Now here comes the disclaimer!! Because TinyPi is so small, there are some more advanced soldering techniques needed to build. There are some very small components, and surface mount devices which require precise soldering. You also have to solder the Pi directly to the TinyPi PCB, without the use of headers. This makes it slightly more difficult to get a proper connection. Please read though the instructions here and keep this in mind when ordering.

You have 3 options for your TinyPi

The Basic Kit includes the PCB, Screen, and components to let you build a working TinyPi. You will need to supply the power, which can just be a basic Li-Po battery. You will also be left to make your own case, however, you can download the files used to create the case which comes with the full kit if you have a printer of your own.

The Full Kit includes everything the basic kit does, plus a 3d printed case, battery, and supporting PCB. (cases will be printed to order, so they may take longer to dispatch)

Full kit extra parts

Fully Assembled basically this is a Full Kit, hand built by me!! It will be built and tested, fully assembled with the case and battery. All you will need to do is download an image from here burn it to an SD card and you are gaming!! (The cases are printed to order, so there will be a slight delay there, and also I have the same limitation on Pi access as everyone else, so please be patient)