The EndGame – a True pocket computer

This product is currently in the late stages of development. This listing is here to help people get on the wishlist!! Pricing and specification could change (although we’re hoping not!) The boards are currently being finalised, and then the casing needs to be designed. This listing will be updated as things are known

The overall goal of Pi0cket was to get a Raspberry Pi in your Pocket. In order to make a usable Linux computer, you need a keyboard and a screen. This used to be a crazy combination of Bluetooth keyboards, cables, and power packs.

To solve those problems we designed Clicker, an all in one device that combines the following – 240×320 pixel TFT screen, giving space for terminal access or basic GUI – 40% snap dome keyboard, compact but has plenty of scope for different key layouts – exposed GPIO pins allowing you to add hats to extend the functionality – onboard Li-Po charging, with a standard JST battery connection

Clicker allows for many projects on the go, be it coding on the bus, ssh connections to your home network, or something bigger. The world is your oyster.