Where it all began…

So i had been playing with raspberry pi’s for some time. And saw that people were starting to make handheld gaming devices from them.

I had been wanting to make a little Pi based handheld ever since the Zero came out, but couldn’t get my hands on one. When i finally got one I was stuck for ideas as to what kind of case i wanted, so i kinda made it without the case!!

I started off with a li-po battery I had lying around. I have measured it to be 2500mah, really thin, came out of an old power bank.

On the front, we have a cheepo 2.2″ spi screen (ebay special £6 ish), flanked by 2 stripboard button arrays.

on the back is the Pi Zero, a cheepo li-po charge/protect board, and a small arduino acting as a power switch (dfRobot uHex if anyone is intersted)



The spi screen isnt as bad as people make them out to be. Sure the process that copies the screen to the spi bus adds some overhead, and the gpio button bit probably adds some too, but i have not had any issues.

It plays gameboy/gameboy colour/NES/SNES/gamegear/mastersystem with ease.

N64 games run (slowly!!) but the buttons dont seem to work, so i used it as a battery life test, and just broke 10 hours!!!!

The only problem, its a bit on the fragile side!! 5 mins in the same pocket as anything metal and there will be fire!!!

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  1. rustam says:

    hello I am really interested in your project, I always wanted a tiny device that you can play games on and fit in your pocket, can I please buy some parts

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