this project came about when i decided to try and build a gameboy advance with a pi zero in there. all the ili9341 screens you can buy have the connections on the end, which both get in the way, and stop you trimming them down!!

so i decided to make a better board for these screens, and while i was at it, i thought i may as well tack the Pi on the back too!!

the device could actually be used for anything. the 8 mounting points are drilled to make it easier to remove them if they are no needed, thus adding flexability.

the pins at the bottom of the board allow access to the 22 x unused gpio ports, 4 x 5v pins (in or out), 4 x 3.3v pins, and 8 x gnd pins (ignore the spare wire, thats to fix a fault in the board 😉 )

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