Behold, The worlds smallest Pi based gaming device!!

So as you may know, I have a bit of an obsession for making things as small as i can. Now my last project was pretty small, the height was restricted by the height of the Pi zero, and the width was restricted by the width of the screen.

Now this works well, but it wasnt without its limitations. Firstly the controls were not perfect. using a 5 way navigation switch for the actions works, but it is not ideal, especially when you need to press more than one button at once. Continue reading “Behold, The worlds smallest Pi based gaming device!!”


this project came about when i decided to try and build a gameboy advance with a pi zero in there. all the ili9341 screens you can buy have the connections on the end, which both get in the way, and stop you trimming them down!!

so i decided to make a better board for these screens, and while i was at it, i thought i may as well tack the Pi on the back too!! Continue reading “PiCB-tft”

Where it all began…

So i had been playing with raspberry pi’s for some time. And saw that people were starting to make handheld gaming devices from them.

I had been wanting to make a little Pi based handheld ever since the Zero came out, but couldn’t get my hands on one. When i finally got one I was stuck for ideas as to what kind of case i wanted, so i kinda made it without the case!! Continue reading “Where it all began…”