this project came about when i decided to try and build a gameboy advance with a pi zero in there. all the ili9341 screens you can buy have the connections on the end, which both get in the way, and stop you trimming them down!!

so i decided to make a better board for these screens, and while i was at it, i thought i may as well tack the Pi on the back too!! Continue reading “PiCB-tft”

Where it all began…

So i had been playing with raspberry pi’s for some time. And saw that people were starting to make handheld gaming devices from them.

I had been wanting to make a little Pi based handheld ever since the Zero came out, but couldn’t get my hands on one. When i finally got one I was stuck for ideas as to what kind of case i wanted, so i kinda made it without the case!! Continue reading “Where it all began…”

Hello world!

I thought it was about time my projects got a place on the internet!!


The goal is to get a Pi Zero in your pocket. keep checking back for all the weird and wonderful ways i try to achieve that!